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Elevate your EHS programs with Cority’s unified platform enabling you to lead by example – easily manage your own regulatory requirements and ensure compliance with environmental, health and safety standards across the globe.

Optimize Investment And Capital​

Optimize Investment and Capital

Leverage Cority’s advanced unified SaaS technology, to offer greater flexibility, improved collaboration, to support better decision making, while significantly reducing technology costs.

Enhance Data Protection and Security

Cority is proud to be the only global EHS software provider with FedRAMP In Process designation. Offering some of the strongest data security features available, CorityOneTM provides confidence that software can help you meet your EHS objectives without compromising data privacy and protecting government agencies from malicious cyberattacks.

Enhance Data Protection And Security​

Model the Behavior of the Future

Governments globally have set ambitious targets for climate action, from decarbonization and social advancement. With sophisticated features and integrations, CorityOneTM improves transparency and data quality with robust reporting capabilities, ensuring that Governments and Public Sector agencies lead by example when managing and implementing EHS initiatives, encouraging other public and private sector firms to do the same.

We Understand the Challenges Faced in the Government and Public Sector

Cority works with over 130 Government and Public sector clients globally and is proud to be the only global EHS provider with FedRAMP In Process designation offering fair and competitive pricing compliant with the General Services Administration Schedule.

Government and Public sector agencies are increasingly looking for ways to provide services efficiently and cost-effectively to make the best use of tax dollars. Achieving safety, health, environmental, and sustainability compliance across all Government and Public sectors can be challenging, especially in ever-changing economic conditions, ongoing key climate and sustainability initiatives, and an evolving software procurement process that’s pushing data privacy and cybersecurity to the forefront.

Cority Knows the Government and Public Sector

Working with Government and Public Sector agencies for over two decades, Cority has built a deep understanding of the sector, critical business processes and how digital transformation leads to meeting EHS initiatives.

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Government & Public Sector Customers

Cority is implemented globally across federal, regional, and local Government and Public agencies

  • The CorityOneTM platform is the only EHS provider with FedRAMP In Process designation
  • Compliant with the General Services Administration Schedule (Contract #GS-35F-0032U) offering fair and competitive prices

The World's Leading Software for Government & Public Sector

Cleaner and greener made simpler. Cority Environmental Cloud helps transform how you manage compliance and drive continuous improvement towards your corporate goals. Leverage the power of technology to advance performance across your air, water, waste and chemical management programs.

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Protect what matters most. Cority Safety Cloud is designed by our industry experts to make managing workplace safety simpler and more efficient, enabling better risk detection to predict and prevent injuries, maintain compliance, and keep you and your business moving forward safely.

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Cority Health Cloud is the most comprehensive set of modular health solutions are designed to protect your most valuable asset – your workforce. Cority’s purpose-built solutions are designed, deployed, and supported by experts to simplify how to identify and manage health concerns impacting Government workers, from vaccine mandates to chemical exposures and ergonomic risks.

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Digitally driven sustainability utilizing flexible software solutions designed to support future-focused, responsible business management while simplifying and streamlining your sustainability processes. Gain better data quality and a deeper level of transparency to build greater trust and confidence in your organization.

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Optimized for EHS, Analytics Cloud is a robust suite of powerful and innovative business intelligence tools, features, predictive models, and solutions that make it easy to harness the power of your data and transform it into actionable insights. Gain the foresight to proactively understand and prevent risk before it happens, on-site or globally across your enterprise.

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Cority has provided us with a single source of reliable medical information on our clientele. That source of information is available to us wherever we go and deploy to provide service and care to our clientele. It's been a reliable database for us, and an extremely valuable one for us and for the whole organization.

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